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Audition emergency

It’s 4:30, your agent called, you have an audition at 10:30 tomorrow morning… sounds like you… need help… I’ll help prepare you for that audition!

Character anxiety prep

You have the part, but now you have your doubts. You’re scared. The shoot starts in days and you don’t think you’ve nailed your character. First of all, this happens to everyone, even the seasoned professional. And let me tell you a secret. Many of the biggest stars in Hollywood have a personal acting coach. They don’t do it alone, why should you? 

Please note:
  1. Canadian clients: e-Transfer payments preferred (PayPal charges extra).
  2. Cancellations are accepted with 24 hrs notice.

Audition Emergency!!! / Character prep


Judah Katz

I have a developed a dependable technique, that I can share with you, based on hundreds of hours of classes and thousands of hours on set of feature films and television shows. It allows me to work with confidence, professionalism and competency with some of the best actors and directors in the world.

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